Vehicle's Request

We can help to order your dream vehicles for you on either COPART Action or IAAI Auction both in the USA

Bidding and Purchase

We assist you in bidding for cars of your choice from a collection of over 30,000 cars available for sale on Copart & Auction daily. After a successful bid, we proceed to help you with the purchase

Transportation & Logistics

We provide the needed assistance with the movement of your vehicle(s) from it’s location to the destination of your choice.


We have trusted and quality shipping lines who deliver on time and avoid unnecessary delays by providing quality services to help get your vehicle to it’s destination.


Our team of qualified clearing agents are always available to assist in clearing your vehicles after arrival at the port.

Automobile Repairs

We offer quality repair services for light or heavily damaged cars. Our engineers are well experienced in this regard.

This is what we do and we do it perfectly